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What about artificial intelligence impersonating people to brush fake news and comment? Although the current writing ability of artificial intelligence is not enough to write world famous works, it is enough to hide the traces of machines... View details > 2019/08/01

Xiaomi official: new products of Xiaoai robot will be released in ChinaJoy According to the official, Xiaoai, can ChinaJoy be transformed into me this year? Millet ChinaJoy hey Explorer countdown 2 days, new products of Xiaoa... View details > 2019/08/01

How will the upcoming 5g + AI era change the education industry With the development of new technology, the form of education is also changing. The development of Internet technology and online audio and video tech... View details > 2019/08/01

Mankind will enter the era of virtual culture On June 19, a series of lectures on virtual culture was held by the professor of Xueer forum of Xi'an Jiaotong University. Professor Zhang Ruliang gav... View details > 2019/08/01

AI technology integration helps industry intellectualization In the past year, artificial intelligence is still synonymous with cutting-edge technology. The artificial intelligence industry has gradually moved f... View details > 2019/08/01

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